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5 Reasons why to live in Westchester

Location: Strategic location adjacent to New York City. In many cases, it takes less time to travel from the suburbs to Midtown, than driving five blocks within. The Metro-North train offers three main lines that will take you to different areas in Westchester. If you visit you will find one route takes you to what we call the “River-Towns.”. These towns, such as Hasting-on-Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley-on-Hudson, and others on the same line, offer amazing views of the Hudson River.

The other route covers towns such as Bronxville, Scarsdale, Chappaqua... and the last route includes towns such as Larchmont, Harrison, Rye among others.

Westchester is a unique place. “Westchester, in all its beautiful diversity, bustling cities, hometown villages, tall towers and Gothic mansions.” County Executive George Latimer describes it.

Lifestyle: Towns and villages are relatively small, making them a great place to get to know your neighbors. From neighborhoods with high-rises and malls to villages that look they came out of a storybook. Westchester offers a range of possibilities. The lifestyle is not as hectic as Manhattan. Yet, you can find almost everything the city has to offers including theaters, and museums. There are beautiful lakes and mountains where cyclist fanatics can ride forever and parks that come alive with people enjoying their afternoons. In most villages, you can go to the supermarket, get your hair done and stop at the bank, in two or three blocks. They are walker's heaven while for others you will need a ride. Public transportation runs mostly on time but most people own a car.

Education: The official website of New York, states that Westchester’s public schools are consistently rated among the best in the nation. The standard of educational excellence continues in Westchester’s private and parochial elementary and high schools.

Price per square foot: This is what most of my clients who have moved to the suburbs, value the most.


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